This is one of the best blogs for design. It’s not just about home furnishings but also about high end (and not so high end) art and craft. Even if you are not a design geek, this is a great source for inspiration. It gives me a lift to browse it’s entries and follow the links.


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Yes, yet another blog site. I feel compelled to try them all before I decide which is the right format/engine for me. This must be number 5. Typepad is OK and myspace.com is rife with teens and ads. I like my Mac.com site but my earthlink one ain’t Mac friendly (neither is the myspace one for that matter). I’m liking the interface already and I’m deciphering Flickr and del.icio.us.

So what kind of blog will this be? Fun and chatty or sad and complaining. I will try to let this one develop organically and see where it takes me.

And the golden green eyes of Sumi-e will watch over me.