It’s been a year since my last entry (so bad of me), but with the release of the “new iPad” I had to comment.

I’m still loving my original iPad from May 2010 – yes, I do call it “Mr. Smudgy.” Although it’s close to 2 years old, it’s still going strong and able to handle anything I give it. The release of the iPad 3 does have me concerned since I know Apple will eventually make it obsolete by not updating the software to run it. Already, iPhoto for iPad is for version 2 or later since it requires a front camera to use it. Why this is necessary is beyond my comprehension because you can easily get photos from an iTouch via iCloud or simply use the Apple supplied SD card reader to transfer images from a camera. Apple can’t be that short-sighted so I must assume they want people with the original iPad to considered upgrading now.

While some aspects of the new iPad are attractive (ability to create a Wifi hotspot for one) but there is nothing truly compelling me to upgrade. Thanks, Apple, for making such a great product in the original iPad. It’s one of the best technology investments I’ve ever bought.


A beer stein hot air balloon from London.

NPR : Darth Vader Rules Hot-Air Balloon Event

I’ve always wanted to see the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico. My sister lives near there but I still haven’t managed it (probably because my job is usually very busy from September through October).

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NPR : McKellen Takes On Another Dark Mountain: ‘Lear’

I would kill to see this production. I love Shakespeare and I’ve seen many productions (including McKellen as Richard III here in Washington DC). I suspect this will be one of the best performances of the season. It’s already sold-out in Brooklyn and it’s only going to Minneapolis and Los Angeles in the US.

The link is for the article and the radio broadcast which includes exerpts of the performance.

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National Portrait Gallery | Exhibition

This is the exhibition I’ve been working on since September – Josephine Baker: Image & Icon. We’re scheduled to open on Friday but the “powers that be” decided to open after the press preview today. Fortunately, I’m ready.

It’s Thanksgiving in two days. I’m really thankful this show is basically complete. Of course, I already have a label correction in my mail box. Figures.

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