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I realize I might come off as a sentimental idiot but I love this show and I hate to see it end. I do understand why – the orignal writers/producers left last season, the actors want to move on to other stuff, etc. – but it’s such a well written show. It’s always had wonderfully snappy, witty banter – a very distinct voice.

I will miss this show and with only 2 more episodes, I don’t think they will be able to wrap everything up neatly and so I will always wonder what would’ve happened to my favorite characters. I hate when I show ends without resolution.

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Jon StewartPhoto of Bill Moyers

Bill Moyers Journal

I’m so lucky I read the paper today so I knew about this interview before it was aired instead of after the fact (my usual fate). It doesn’t surprise me in the least that Bill Moyers mentioned that he ended his day watching Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

This was the perfect week for Jon to be interviewed by Bill Moyers, as well. I caught the interview (or was it a talk-over match?) Jon had with John McCain earlier this week. What the hell was that? The interview made the news in it’s own right. By the end of that interview (as Bill Moyers noted) you could see McCain just shrivel up and babble. It was kind of sad.

Anyway, the interview was excellent and I recommend seeing it if it repeats. Here is a link to an exerpt: interview snippet.

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