Whenever I need a lift, I’m sure to wander over to icanhascheezburger for some fun with LOL cats. How can you resist them?

Dress ur cat in gay apparel

Dress ur cat in gay apparel

This picture illustrates exactly why I don’t dress up Sumi for the holidays. I’m certain she would kill me in my sleep as punishment.



My timer ran out and I have to start over again. Click the link if you want to sign up to play. It doesn’t take much time or effort but it’s good to have endulgent friends who are willing to play, too.

Here is my original invite photo posted last December.

Sumigirl's Lost invitation

Help out this hungry Sumigirl!

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Sunday morning, Sumi-e was chased around the courtyard by the neighbor’s dog. She tried to climb a brick wall to escape to a window sill only to fall into a bush. She finally ran under a parked car and up into the engine area. After many minutes she came out and was limping badly and all of her claws were torn or missing.

We took her to the emergency animal hospital and the attending vet said that no bones were broken but she probably sprained the knee joint or, at worst, torn the ligament. We were given pain meds for 5 days and told to watch her for 3 days and if there was no improvement to take her to her usual doctor for a further exam.

Today, she’s markedly better and we think it’s just a sprain – whew!

She been avoiding us for the most part but yesterday she did come out to lay in a strong sunbeam. Weird thing is that she’s lying on the injured leg. Perhaps to protect it?

Sumi-e injured

Yes, yet another blog site. I feel compelled to try them all before I decide which is the right format/engine for me. This must be number 5. Typepad is OK and is rife with teens and ads. I like my site but my earthlink one ain’t Mac friendly (neither is the myspace one for that matter). I’m liking the interface already and I’m deciphering Flickr and

So what kind of blog will this be? Fun and chatty or sad and complaining. I will try to let this one develop organically and see where it takes me.

And the golden green eyes of Sumi-e will watch over me.