The Guys Who Go With the ‘D’oh!’ –

Here is a fun article from today’s Washington Post talking about the Simpsons.

On the campaign trail in 1992, George H.W. Bush promised voters that if he were reelected president, “we’re going to strengthen the American family to make it more like the Waltons and less like the Simpsons.”

The Simpsons won. Good night, John Boy.

“When Bush said he wanted us to be the Waltons, we thought, what? He wants us to be poor and sleep in the same bed?” This is Al Jean, one of the founding writers for “The Simpsons,” which has been a pop culture trademark for 18 years and 400 episodes on the Fox network.

“We also wondered, why the Waltons? Weren’t they, you know, set in the Depression?” This is David Silverman, one of the original animators for the show and now director of “The Simpsons Movie,” opening nationwide on Friday.

It’s a fun article with info about the early Simpson development on the Tracy Ullman show and some teaser info on the movie. Give it a read.

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The Twitter service invites you to publicly answer the question,

NPR : What Are You Doing? Twitter Offers a Megaphone

I was catching up on my podcast subscriptions and finally heard a recent NPR Story of the Day broadcast about Twitter. It’s kind of like a real-time blog space where a cacophony of people are constantly messaging their life doings in moment-by-moment bits. Isn’t there enough navel-gazing in blogging?

I’m certain my disapproval comes from not being a person who uses text messaging. I have enough arthritis in my hands without adding to it through unnecessary IMs.

It strikes me that at the heart of Twitter is the word “twit”. Say no more.

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Is This Really Goodbye, ‘Girls’?
Lorelai, Rory, don't leave us this way: Lauren Graham, left, and Alexis Bledel wrap up

Is This Really Goodbye, ‘Girls’? –

Yes, I could comment on the death of Jerry Falwell or the fact that the Nationals have won 4 games straight (a minor miracle), but I won’t.

Tonight was the last episode of the Gilmore Girls so I honored it the best way I know – wearing pajamas and eating junk food (Hostess cup cakes, BBQ spare ribs and Ben and Jerry’s Fossil Fuel ice cream – in that order). A fitting end to such a comfy, indulgent show.

The show didn’t disappoint me except in the fact that it is the end. The characters aren’t wrapped up in a neat package but you know the gist of the future and it looks okay.

I can now move on. Goodbye Gilmore Girls!

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My timer ran out and I have to start over again. Click the link if you want to sign up to play. It doesn’t take much time or effort but it’s good to have endulgent friends who are willing to play, too.

Here is my original invite photo posted last December.

Sumigirl's Lost invitation

Help out this hungry Sumigirl!

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The CW Blog » Gilmore Girls Series Finale

I realize I might come off as a sentimental idiot but I love this show and I hate to see it end. I do understand why – the orignal writers/producers left last season, the actors want to move on to other stuff, etc. – but it’s such a well written show. It’s always had wonderfully snappy, witty banter – a very distinct voice.

I will miss this show and with only 2 more episodes, I don’t think they will be able to wrap everything up neatly and so I will always wonder what would’ve happened to my favorite characters. I hate when I show ends without resolution.

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Talk Like a Pirate Day

ARGH! Aye matey!

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