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Yes, I’m one of those people. What can I say, it’s a good yarn and I want to know the end. I reserved a copy at Borders but while I was at Target this morning, there it was for $17.88 and no lines, either.

I’m already a third of the way through (it’s a quick read) and I think I will probably finish it this weekend. Don’t tell me the ending!

I am amazed that this was the front story of the Washington Post this morning.

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Is This Really Goodbye, ‘Girls’?
Lorelai, Rory, don't leave us this way: Lauren Graham, left, and Alexis Bledel wrap up

Is This Really Goodbye, ‘Girls’? –

Yes, I could comment on the death of Jerry Falwell or the fact that the Nationals have won 4 games straight (a minor miracle), but I won’t.

Tonight was the last episode of the Gilmore Girls so I honored it the best way I know – wearing pajamas and eating junk food (Hostess cup cakes, BBQ spare ribs and Ben and Jerry’s Fossil Fuel ice cream – in that order). A fitting end to such a comfy, indulgent show.

The show didn’t disappoint me except in the fact that it is the end. The characters aren’t wrapped up in a neat package but you know the gist of the future and it looks okay.

I can now move on. Goodbye Gilmore Girls!

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The CW Blog » Gilmore Girls Series Finale

I realize I might come off as a sentimental idiot but I love this show and I hate to see it end. I do understand why – the orignal writers/producers left last season, the actors want to move on to other stuff, etc. – but it’s such a well written show. It’s always had wonderfully snappy, witty banter – a very distinct voice.

I will miss this show and with only 2 more episodes, I don’t think they will be able to wrap everything up neatly and so I will always wonder what would’ve happened to my favorite characters. I hate when I show ends without resolution.

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