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Elizabeth I

This is the big exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery this summer. It’s a terrific exhibition of portraits loaned from the National Portrait Gallery, London. Paul Richard, the art critic for the Washington Post liked it, too.

Why am I advertising it and why is this a shameless plug? I work at the National Portrait Gallery – specifically I work in the Design & Production office and I prepare the graphics for all the exhibitions. We are one of the lesser known museums that are part of the Smithsonian Institution so we need as much publicity as possible. I’ll shamelessly plug our other summer shows in upcoming entries.

If you are in Washington DC or just visiting, please come by the gallery. It’s a wonderful museum in an interesting neighborhood. We aren’t nearly as crowded at the National Air & Space Museum so we’ll treat you better.

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National Portrait Gallery | Exhibition

This is the exhibition I’ve been working on since September – Josephine Baker: Image & Icon. We’re scheduled to open on Friday but the “powers that be” decided to open after the press preview today. Fortunately, I’m ready.

It’s Thanksgiving in two days. I’m really thankful this show is basically complete. Of course, I already have a label correction in my mail box. Figures.

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