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How to Keep Your Feet Happy : NPR

It’s been quite a while since I last blogged. Work and spring hit me hard. I’ll try to be better in the upcoming weeks.

While listening to my usual NPR podcast, this broadcast really hit home. Or rather, my feet. I have Plantar Fasciitis.

“. . . when your heel doesn’t stay attached to your shoe, there’s too much extra motion in the foot.

“Wearing an open-backed shoe, when the heel lifts off the ground, there’s a lot of tension that develops in the plantar fascia, and it increases the angle that the whole foot makes with the ground, and toes bend up further and that just stretches the plantar fascia more.”

I usually wear very sensible shoes (walking or cross-trainers) but I’ve been trying to girly-up my wardrobe this winter and added some slides with 2″ heels. I loved the extra height and not having to hem certain pants. Then came the heel pain in the morning. It was mild in the beginning and got worse as time went on. I tried adding heel cushions to my shoes which were OK but didn’t really solve the problem. I did a little research on heel pain and discovered plantar fasciitis and recognized the symptoms immediately. I’ve been doing exercises regularly and have had some real relief but it’s never gone completely.

This podcast explained alot about the footwear choices that can make a huge difference. My new slides and the springtime flip flops were part of the problem. I really hate dropping the new kicks and I don’t want to wear grandma shoes forever so a happy median must exist somewhere. The exercises from this report are much better than the ones from other sources on the net.

I really should take up foot yoga.

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Rolling Stone: Rock Daily » Blog Archive » Happy 40th Sgt. Pepper’s: Digging Through the RS Vaults

One of the best rock albums ever recorded. Lots of sites have commeorated the date but this one has a nice audio interview with Sir Paul about the weekend it was released and the general vibe of the time. Definitely worth checking out.

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I can’t believe I actually bought these shoes but after trying on at least 5 pairs, these are the most comfortable (very comfortable, in fact). They look like orthopedic shoes – with velcro closures no less.

I have a job that requires me to occasionally be on my feet for hours at a time and often on ladders which is particularly hard on the feet (especially for an overweight person).

I also have wide feet with a high arch and a narrow heel which makes finding walking shoes that really fit a true challenge. Fortunately, New Balance makes shoes with different lasts (shoe forms) and one fits my type of foot. Which is why I’ve been wearing New Balance shoes for at least 7 years.

I also bought these shoes which are a little younger looking. In fact when I wear them with jeans they just peek at beneath my pants and my feet look tiny – almost girlish. Over compensation, perhaps?Easy Spirit clog

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