I waited until the 3G version came out and bought the top of the line. It arrived on May 7 and has been my trusty companion ever since. Our relationship was easily set in cement that first weekend because I was sick and couldn’t sit at the computer for very long and I needed entertainment in the worst way. The iPad is a godsend!

I have the unlimited plan from AT&T so while waiting at the doctor’s office I could surf to my heart’s content. I get good reception in Metro stations and in some of the tunnels, too. I haven’t tried to upload every app in creation and most of the ones from my iTouch work just fine on the iPad.

Is it perfect? Of course not. In some environments the screen is horribly reflective and it’s very headache making, Sometimes the keyboard is a little too sensitive but that will take practice. And, yes, it’s very smudgy.

However, if you are Ike me and don’t really need a laptop but would like to keep in touch, surf, Facebook, watch movies & TV, listen to music and read books, this could be the device for you.

Now I’m on the lookout for a decent bag and perhaps some Bluetooth headphones. Any suggestions out there?

Yes, I did write this entry from my iPad but the Woodpress interface is a little chunky and hard to figure out how to publish.


Real-world iPad annoyances: A timeline | Rafe’s Radar – CNET News

How cheap can you get! Apple puts out the iPad and doesn’t even include the Chamois that the iTouch and iPhone get. This is a device that begs to be touched and you know it’s going to look ugly real quick.

The article goes on to moan about other issues and omissions – mostly warranted I have to admit.

However, I still want one.

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Apple – iPod touch

I suspected this would be the next iPod news but I’m disappointed that it’s only 8GB or 16GB.

For a starting price of $299, it’s more than a little pricey. I love the technology but I’m loath to part with the capacity of my 20GB iPod. However, I must admit that I don’t use all 20GB so the 16GB might be more than do-able for me. The Wi-Fi capability is brilliant so that may be thing to get me to buy.

I must admit that I use my shuffle more than my iPod – it’s just more convenient.

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MacKeyboard1 MacKeyboard2

I mentioned this little beauty earlier this month and it arrived to today. I plugged it in immediately and it’s exactly what I hoped for. It’s quiet, has a great touch; it’s very slim and sleek. I’m very hopeful that it will remain crumb free and will be much easier to clean than the old one.

Keyboard closeup

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Rumour has it that this is the new keyboard for the redesigned iMac. I don’t want an iMac, I just want the keyboard. Apple is scheduled for a press event tomorrow so I hope I find out then if it’s true.

I’m on of the those people that eats at my desk and lots of crumbs and debris fall between the keys (yucky) and no amount of compressed air shot into it seems to jog it loose. Do those iSkin things really work?

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Apple’s iPhone useless in Vermont — for now

Apple’s iPhone useless in Vermont — for now: Rutland Herald Online

The iPhone is an Apple Inc. product that combines a cell phone, a
computer and an iPod. Large portions of other states are without the
service as well, including Maine, New Hampshire and upstate New York,
as well as Alaska, the Dakotas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota,
Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming.Vermont is the only state totally without AT&T coverage.

I live in Virginia but I have lots of family in Vermont (nearly all of them are Mac users), but if the phone is useless in Vermont (or has expensive roaming charges) I won’t buy it. This just underscores the problem with limiting the iPhone to a single carrier.

I find it moronic that AT&T plugs itself for having the fewest “dropped calls”. If you can’t make the call to begin with, what does that statement really mean?

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Apple – iPhone – TV Ads

I mentioned this hot little number in a previous post (This is one sexy phone!). Now Apple has posted Quicktime video of 3 ads supporting the iPhone. Oh yeah – it’s still sexy.

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iPod Shuffle case with bottle opener: It’s about time! | Crave : The gadget blog

It also has a key ring – something a bit more useful to me. It is the product of a MacWorld design competition, too. For $15, I just might get one. Buy it here.

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