Apple – iPhone – TV Ads

I mentioned this hot little number in a previous post (This is one sexy phone!). Now Apple has posted Quicktime video of 3 ads supporting the iPhone. Oh yeah – it’s still sexy.

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E-Mail Reply to All: ‘Leave Me Alone’

E-Mail Reply to All: ‘Leave Me Alone’ –

Evidently, people are starting to declare “email bankruptcy” and not responding to all the email on their computers. Some are quitting outright, others stopping for the remainder of the year and others are just deleting the old stuff and starting over. Often, they are going back to the phone as the main source of communication.

I probably couldn’t survive without email at work – I’d be totally ignorant of much crucial information. I remember more detail in email and it’s easier for me to cover everything I need to way. Too often I find I’ve forgotten something important just after the hang up and it’s embarrasing to call right back. I really don’t like talking on the phone. I rarely answer my home phone without screening the call through the machine.

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