Apple’s iPhone useless in Vermont — for now

Apple’s iPhone useless in Vermont — for now: Rutland Herald Online

The iPhone is an Apple Inc. product that combines a cell phone, a
computer and an iPod. Large portions of other states are without the
service as well, including Maine, New Hampshire and upstate New York,
as well as Alaska, the Dakotas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota,
Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming.Vermont is the only state totally without AT&T coverage.

I live in Virginia but I have lots of family in Vermont (nearly all of them are Mac users), but if the phone is useless in Vermont (or has expensive roaming charges) I won’t buy it. This just underscores the problem with limiting the iPhone to a single carrier.

I find it moronic that AT&T plugs itself for having the fewest “dropped calls”. If you can’t make the call to begin with, what does that statement really mean?

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Apple – iPhone – TV Ads

I mentioned this hot little number in a previous post (This is one sexy phone!). Now Apple has posted Quicktime video of 3 ads supporting the iPhone. Oh yeah – it’s still sexy.

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Apple – iPhone

I’m your basic Mac addict – have been one since 1983 (yes, before it came out I worked on a pre-Mac Lisa).

However, I’m not a phone addict. I have a Virgin Mobile prepay that costs me $20 month. I’m a real cheapskate when it comes to phones because I hate using them.

I could make an exception for the iPhone. I would plunk down the $499 since it’s also a iPod, camera and web browser. It only it weren’t on Cingular. Half my family doesn’t live in a Cingular served area so why should I get a phone that can’t use when I visit my family?

Come on, Apple! How can a company that touts the slogan “think different” offer only one carrier for their phone. Wrong! If this situation doesn’t change within the first 6 months of the iPhone release, I think it will be a failure despite the fact that it’s the most innovative phone.

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