Why do I feel guilty that I’ve joined Facebook? Why does it feel like it’s taken over my on-line life? I’ve been stripped down to tiny comments and links but I wonder if my content there is probably similar to what I was posting here? I’ve rarely updated my blog since joining. I feel guilty about that, too.

I do like the fact that I can keep tabs on my relatives so easily. I used to feel so isolated and detached from them but now I’m more aware of them on a daily/weekly basis rather than the just the yearly cards at Christmas.

Perhaps it comes down to quality versus quantity. I feel compelled to post something of relative substance on the blog but I revel in the amount of cosy, if inane, chatter on Facebook.

Do I really have enough to say that it’s worth saying to everyone or should I limit myself to my 23 Facebook friends?

I will make an effort to continue both for a while. Please comment if you have thoughts on the matter.