Guyliner. The new catchphrase for boys behaving girly, joining last year’s manbags (handbags), mandals (sandals), mannies (nannies) and himbos (bimbos). It’s the lexical equivalent of making pink hammers for women.

Eyeliner For Men?! Pencil These Guys In. –

It almost always starts with the concealer. The skin-colored glop is the gateway drug of men’s cosmetics. But don’t call it makeup.

“You mean our enhancing and correcting line?” interrupts Marek Hewryk when asked about his men’s makeup line, 4VOO (pronounced “for-vou”).

“Enhancing and correcting line?” – talk about denial.

I don’t care that guys wear makeup (it all started with skin colored Clearasil in the 1960s) but call it cosmetics or make-up. I don’t call a baseball cap a “dirty-hair-hider”.

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