Guilty Verdict in Sudan for British Teacher – New York Times

A British teacher accused of insulting Muslims after her class called a teddy bear Mohammad was found guilty and jailed for 15 days, a defence lawyer said on Thursday.

Gillian Gibbons, 54, was ordered to be deported after she had completed her sentence.

“She was found guilty of insulting religion and the sentence is 15 days (in jail) and deportation,” defence lawyer Ali Ajib said after the trial in a Khartoum courtroom, which lasted less than a day.

The London Times have been covering this story all week but this is from the New York Times. I’m astounded at how quickly the events unraveled. She could have received of 40 lashes and a six-month jail sentence so I guess the 15 days in jail and deportation is equivalent to a slap on the wrist in Sudan.

Here is a link to the London Times version of this story. They’ve covered it very well (IMHO).

Who would have thought a person could go to jail for a teddy-bear (one that wasn’t stuffed with drugs)?

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