Examples of the saggin' style can be seen across America, including in this photo taken in Trenton.

NPR : In Dallas, a Hip-Hop Plea: Pull Your Pants Up

Saggin’ — young men wearing their pants with the waistband closer to their knees than their hips — has been around for years. But a growing number of adults are deciding they’ve had enough. In Dallas, an interesting mix of politicians, hip-hop artists and white businessmen are announcing a citywide campaign with a simple message: Pull Your Pants Up.

I’m getting old. I must be because I agree with this sentiment. Click on the link to read the entire story and hear the song “Pull Your Pants Up” by Dooney Da’ Priest:

If you stand up straight, bet your pants fall.
Might as well walk around with your pants off.
Pull ’em up, pull ’em up, pull ’em up.
Be a real man. Stand up.
Is that your underwear, man? Pull your pants up.

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