Otterbein’s Fabulous Cookies!

These are the cookies of my childhood in Baltimore. The sugar cookies are the thinnest, crispiest, not-too-sweet morsels I’ve ever tasted. I remember being with my mom and once she got her order, the counterlady (they were all women then) would give me (and my sister if she were along) a lovely sugar cookie just for being a good girl (small wonder I have food issues). I remember being in a bakery but it could have been the Giant Food store.

What brought this on? I finally drove out to the Wegman’s grocery in Fairfax VA and they had the cookies in little red bags – sugar, chocolate chip, lemon, and ginger. I recognized the sugar cookies immediately – even the shapes were the same – so I had to buy the sugar and the chocolate chip. One bite of the sugar cookie and I was instantly transported to 1960s Baltimore.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that some things are really as good as you remember and you can still enjoy them, too. I having a party in June. Guess what’s for dessert.

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