I can’t believe I actually bought these shoes but after trying on at least 5 pairs, these are the most comfortable (very comfortable, in fact). They look like orthopedic shoes – with velcro closures no less.

I have a job that requires me to occasionally be on my feet for hours at a time and often on ladders which is particularly hard on the feet (especially for an overweight person).

I also have wide feet with a high arch and a narrow heel which makes finding walking shoes that really fit a true challenge. Fortunately, New Balance makes shoes with different lasts (shoe forms) and one fits my type of foot. Which is why I’ve been wearing New Balance shoes for at least 7 years.

I also bought these shoes which are a little younger looking. In fact when I wear them with jeans they just peek at beneath my pants and my feet look tiny – almost girlish. Over compensation, perhaps?Easy Spirit clog

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