Apple – iPhone

I’m your basic Mac addict – have been one since 1983 (yes, before it came out I worked on a pre-Mac Lisa).

However, I’m not a phone addict. I have a Virgin Mobile prepay that costs me $20 month. I’m a real cheapskate when it comes to phones because I hate using them.

I could make an exception for the iPhone. I would plunk down the $499 since it’s also a iPod, camera and web browser. It only it weren’t on Cingular. Half my family doesn’t live in a Cingular served area so why should I get a phone that can’t use when I visit my family?

Come on, Apple! How can a company that touts the slogan “think different” offer only one carrier for their phone. Wrong! If this situation doesn’t change within the first 6 months of the iPhone release, I think it will be a failure despite the fact that it’s the most innovative phone.

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