May 2007

FOUND Magazine | Find of the Day

“We collect FOUND stuff: love letters, birthday cards, kids’ homework,
to-do lists, ticket stubs, poetry on napkins, telephone bills, doodles –
anything that gives a glimpse into someone else’s life. Anything goes…”

This is the concept for Found Magazine. Very simple yet strangely compelling. The other interesting component is where and how the objects were found.

We are all such pack-rats and litter-bugs. Be careful with your stuff because it may end up here.

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Jeff Buckley Tribute –

It’s hard to believe this brilliant talent stopped 10 years ago – far too soon. If you don’t know about him, read his entry in Wikipedia. He had such a beautiful and distinctive voice. I recommend listening to his debut album, Grace, to hear his musical range. Jeff’s version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is the definitive one for me.

Check out the official site for more information.

purchase Grace

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An Ocean City Icon Faces Turn in Economic Tide –

Although I haven’t been there in years, our family used to go to Ocean City every summer when we visited my grandmother in Laurel, Delaware. I wasn’t up for the rides but I loved the arcade, skee ball especially. I didn’t realize that Ocean City has the oldest continuously owned amusement park in the United States. I’d hate to see yet another park be turned over to developers for more condos and hotels. What’s next – legalized gambling like Atlantic City?

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E-Mail Reply to All: ‘Leave Me Alone’

E-Mail Reply to All: ‘Leave Me Alone’ –

Evidently, people are starting to declare “email bankruptcy” and not responding to all the email on their computers. Some are quitting outright, others stopping for the remainder of the year and others are just deleting the old stuff and starting over. Often, they are going back to the phone as the main source of communication.

I probably couldn’t survive without email at work – I’d be totally ignorant of much crucial information. I remember more detail in email and it’s easier for me to cover everything I need to way. Too often I find I’ve forgotten something important just after the hang up and it’s embarrasing to call right back. I really don’t like talking on the phone. I rarely answer my home phone without screening the call through the machine.

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Cooks Illustrated – Magazine

Cook’s Illustrated Magazine is the “Consumer Reports” of cooking and food. They don’t take advertisements and they test food, equipment and recipes. Their recipe Tuscan-style grilled steaks is the best! I love the two-tiered charcoal grilling technique. I can’t give you the recipe since it’s in the subscription part of the website but it’s just wonderful.

The downside: I’m a little miffed that people with magazine subscriptions still have to pay for the website. It should be freely available for the subscribers.

However, if you love to cook, this is a great magazine.

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The Twitter service invites you to publicly answer the question,

NPR : What Are You Doing? Twitter Offers a Megaphone

I was catching up on my podcast subscriptions and finally heard a recent NPR Story of the Day broadcast about Twitter. It’s kind of like a real-time blog space where a cacophony of people are constantly messaging their life doings in moment-by-moment bits. Isn’t there enough navel-gazing in blogging?

I’m certain my disapproval comes from not being a person who uses text messaging. I have enough arthritis in my hands without adding to it through unnecessary IMs.

It strikes me that at the heart of Twitter is the word “twit”. Say no more.

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Otterbein’s Fabulous Cookies!

These are the cookies of my childhood in Baltimore. The sugar cookies are the thinnest, crispiest, not-too-sweet morsels I’ve ever tasted. I remember being with my mom and once she got her order, the counterlady (they were all women then) would give me (and my sister if she were along) a lovely sugar cookie just for being a good girl (small wonder I have food issues). I remember being in a bakery but it could have been the Giant Food store.

What brought this on? I finally drove out to the Wegman’s grocery in Fairfax VA and they had the cookies in little red bags – sugar, chocolate chip, lemon, and ginger. I recognized the sugar cookies immediately – even the shapes were the same – so I had to buy the sugar and the chocolate chip. One bite of the sugar cookie and I was instantly transported to 1960s Baltimore.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that some things are really as good as you remember and you can still enjoy them, too. I having a party in June. Guess what’s for dessert.

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This American Life

What is This American Life? I think it’s small slices of Americana given through storytelling. It’s like sitting around and listening to stories from the relatives who have the best stories and great memories.

My niece Sarah introduced me to this radio broadcast. I subscribe to it as a podcast through iTunes. This way I’m not tied to a radio broadcast time and I can stop and start it as needed.

I wish my dad could have heard this program. He would have liked it. He was a great storyteller. So was my mom. I miss hearing their stories told by them. Sometimes I tell them to myself but it’s not the same. I wish I could have captured some of their stories on tape.

I recommend this show not only for the great stories but to serve as an inspiration to ask your family to tell their stories.

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The Reynolds Center – Calendar

This is a great retrospective exhibition of the work of Saul Steinberg who is probably best remembered for his cartoons for The New Yorker magazine. It’s on view at the Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM) which is in the same building as my museum, the National Portrait Gallery. The exhibition closes June 25 so go see it soon if you are in the DC area. And while you are there, go see the National Portrait Gallery, too.

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I can’t believe I actually bought these shoes but after trying on at least 5 pairs, these are the most comfortable (very comfortable, in fact). They look like orthopedic shoes – with velcro closures no less.

I have a job that requires me to occasionally be on my feet for hours at a time and often on ladders which is particularly hard on the feet (especially for an overweight person).

I also have wide feet with a high arch and a narrow heel which makes finding walking shoes that really fit a true challenge. Fortunately, New Balance makes shoes with different lasts (shoe forms) and one fits my type of foot. Which is why I’ve been wearing New Balance shoes for at least 7 years.

I also bought these shoes which are a little younger looking. In fact when I wear them with jeans they just peek at beneath my pants and my feet look tiny – almost girlish. Over compensation, perhaps?Easy Spirit clog

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