94.7 The Globe – World Class Rock – Go Green in Your Home

In recent years, several D.C. -area rock stations have changed format (some mid-day) and others have been taken over by the Clear Channel type groups to offer some of the most over-played and anemic rock in history.

The Globe promises a return to real DJ’s and musical diversity along with a “green” slant. I must admit that the artists and song selections are wide-ranging – well, for this area. I’m still hearing some of the mainstream groups but the lesser-known (and often better) artists are played as well. There doesn’t seem to be a playlist with the same songs being played over and over ad nauseum. However, I only started listening a few days ago.

Here’s their Mission Statement:

  1. THE GLOBE We All share and have a vested interest in The Globe.
  2. MUSIC MATTERS Music is our priority. That’s why we’re here.
  3. THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY As a Local Radio Station, we’ll support our community…because we live here too.
  4. REAL DEEJAYS, REAL PEOPLE Our DeeJays know The Music and have a say in what they play.
  5. LISTEN TO THE LISTENERS This is your radio station. You will co-create it and author its evolution.
  6. MUSIC DIVERSITY Do you know anyone who likes just one kind of music? Neither do we.
  7. BE ADVENTUROUS We’ll be open minded about new ideas, innovation and New Music.
  8. DEEPER TRACKS As we all know, there are songs worth playing that are not just the Hit Singles.
  9. LESS REPETITION Without repeating, belaboring, or saying this over and over and over again…well, enough said.
  10. WE WON’T INSULT YOUR INTELLIGENCE The Globe will have commercials (got bills of our own to pay) but we will try to keep them to a minimum and present them in a way that respects our listeners and our advertisers.
  11. LET’S HAVE FUN None of this is a joke, but seriously…let’s have some fun.
  12. WE’RE NOT TRYING TO SAVE THE WORLD Oh wait…see #1.

I really hope they live up these goals. It’s a wait-n-see game now.

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