WIStv.com Columbia, SC: Diet Coke Plus has vitamins

I was in Target today for my Saturday shopping and came across the new Diet Coke plus. I can’t resist trying something new sometimes. This one comes with vitamins – that’s right – soda with vitamins. Quite the gimmick. According to the official site “eight ounces of Diet Coke Plus has 15% of the niacin, B6 and B12 you need in a day. And 10% of the zinc and magnesium.”

About the taste. Well, I hate to admit it but it’s good to me. Regular diet coke is OK at best, I really love the Cherry Coke Zero but this stuff is closer to regular Coke than Diet Coke.

Now, if only they could distribute Coca Cola Light in the US as well as Europe – it’s the best of the diet Coca Cola products.

Here is the official site: http://www.dietcoke.com/index.jsp

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