February 2007

The ticketing agency (Artists Arena) doesn’t allow ticket pick up earlier than one hour before the box office opens – for this venue that’s 6:30pm. I get off work at 4:30pm. I can’t stay in town (especially in 22 degree weather) and stand around for a ticket. Top it off – they can’t hold the ticket for me to pick up tomorrow since they collect them at the end of the concert. This is stupid. It’s a useless piece of paper but I paid for it. Unless I retrieve it between 6:30pm and 10pm, I can’t have it. This is not right. I will never use this service again and I will not renew my fan club membership either. Just another company out to make money. Screw them and screw the band.


Yes, I have a ticket but my life got real complicated and it’s just not in the cards. I started renovating my kitchen and only bath in January and since then all hell has broke loose. My bathroom was demolished on Feb 2 and I’ve been a nomad since then. I don’t expect to sleep in my own bed for another week or so.

On top of this chaos, my father-in-law was diagnosed with colon cancer so the husband will be leaving soon to help him out while I watch the contractors by day. The neighbors let us use their loo by day but at night we are in a hotel or bunking at any free digs we can find (with a toilet, of course).

Okay – this isn’t too bad. However, last night I rammed my foot into an exercise bike stand and broke my toe (not the baby one but the next). This hurts like a bitch – every step is achey at best. The thought of standing through two sets of rock-n-roll fun while people jump up and down next to me is just not appealing. If I were younger I would probably go but at 47 – no thanks.

I will take this latest set back as a sign that this was not meant to be. I don’t think I could have managed the Metro much less the standing for 5 hours straight. Besides, the concert is sold out (read untra-crowded) plus QVC is broadcasting the concert live.

At any rate, I will pick up my ticket at the box office tomorrow after work and consider it a $45 keepsake.