November 2006

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Much better seats this time and the band was great. I had fourth row centerseats but there was a large pit with lots of seat jumpers in it so I was really about 7-8 rows back.

After some mic problems, the guys got off to a rockin’ good start and played for 90 minutes. Why do I always wish it were longer?

The venue was packed and there was a great vibe throughout the house. I think they really enjoyed playing to us, as well. Well, I hope they did.

The hardest parts of the evening was finding the venue and getting out of the parking lot.

Oh yeah – the opening act was Over It. Well, I can say that I’m over them. Way too loud and I could barely hear the lyrics.

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National Portrait Gallery | Exhibition

This is the exhibition I’ve been working on since September – Josephine Baker: Image & Icon. We’re scheduled to open on Friday but the “powers that be” decided to open after the press preview today. Fortunately, I’m ready.

It’s Thanksgiving in two days. I’m really thankful this show is basically complete. Of course, I already have a label correction in my mail box. Figures.

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I really miss her. She would have been 79 today. I have to remind myself that even though she died two years ago, even if everything hadn’t gone wrong, she probably wouldn’t be alive to day anyway. That’s so sad to me.

I hate that she missed meeting her first great-grandchild. I hate that she missed seeing the Dems take back the House and the Senate.

I hate the fact that I can’t share things with her.

I took this picture of her when I has in high school. She didn’t want me to take it but I think it captures how she really looked day to day, especially then. She was lonely and hated the dark, cold Vermont winters.

She was sassy and opinionated. She was brave and cowardly. She was funny and willful.

She was.

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Yes, Sumigirl is on Skype but only accepting calls/chats from known peeps.

I do recommend trying it out. What’s not to like about free phone calls?

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