August 2006

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He was the opening act for the Goo Goo Dolls and Counting Crows concert I saw last night. Great songs, tight band and unpretentious presentation (and basically good to look at) – who could ask for anything more? I bought his newly released CD What’s Mine Is Yours before I left the venue. I’ve been playing it a good part of the day and I think it’s a brilliant CD. Go buy it – right now.

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Finally had a great vacation. I visited family but had no conflict or stress. I didn’t visit a hospital or nursing home nor did I attend a memorial service. I had two long but generally lovely drives which included ferry crossings across the beautiful Lake Champlain. The weather was cooler than home and the air much cleaner. Why can’t all vacations be so wonderful?

Ferry to Vermont.

I had one yesterday. Another year older. Grayer. Fatter. 50 is looming closer (Yikes!).

I know it could be worse. My health is reasonable good and I’m OK in my career. Home life = excellent. I’ll deal.

Apple – Apple – Mac OS X – Leopard Sneak Peek – Dashboard

I’m so looking forward to the new system “Leopard”. A good omen is the preview for the Dashboard shows the Smithsonian site with my building, the Patent Office Building (now the Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture), and talks of the renovation. If you view the movie, you can also see a small widget for the site. So cool! I know – only a Mac geek and an SI geek would really get this but I don’t care.

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7 – 8 pm

7:57 Soul Asylum – Tied To The Tracks
7:53 Liars – It Fit When I Was a Kid
7:48 Amadou & Mariam – Senegal Fast Food
7:44 Young MC – Bust A Move
7:40 Van Hunt – No Sense of Crime
7:35 The Little Willies – Tennessee Stud
7:29 Mia Doi Todd – The Last Night of Winter
7:26 Nina Simone – I Want a Little Sugar in my Bowl
7:21 Air – You Make It Easy
7:19 Urbs – The Lord’s Dub feat. Christine Jones
7:15 Fiona Apple – Better Version of Me
7:10 Rufus Wainwright – Cigarettes and Chocolate
7:05 Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint – Who’s Gonna Help Brother Get Further?
7:00 Editors – Fingers In The Factories

MPR: Radio Listening: The Current Playlist

Is this one of the best radio set lists in creation? And it’s only one hour of airtime. The rest of the list is just as good and sometimes better. Seriously – Rufus Wainwright, Nina Simone, FIona Apple, The Little WIllies, Elvis Costello and Soul Asylum in one hour. On public radio.

Why can’t I have a radio station like this is Washington DC? The Nations capital has the worst music radio stations in the country – it’s pitiful. I’m torn between being glad that this station is on the Net and crying because it’s on the Net and it will never come to my town.

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